Birth Doula Pricing

For a free consultation and interview, please contact me at, or call or text 970-372-5855 . Space for birth clients is limited. When you decide to hire me as your birth doula, your estimated due date is reserved on my calendar.  We’ll prepare for your birth in a series of prenatal visits (2-3 depending on how long before your due date you hire me), and I’ll be on call starting at 38 weeks. Details about birth doula services are available here.

My birth doula pricing includes: 2-3 prenatal visits, phone/email support, on-call service (24 hours) starting at 38 weeks, continuous labor and delivery support from the time you ask me to come, and one postpartum visit.    Birth Doula Support: $1000

Postpartum Doula Pricing
Pricing and Packages

Most people chose to hire me BEFORE their baby arrives.  This is a great choice, as it allows us to connect before the craziness of Baby Time, and I can support you and answer any questions before baby comes.  Contact me now so that we can set up a free consultation/interview.

Before Baby actually comes, many people wonder how much postpartum care they’ll need. The answer is that it depends. You might need just a few visits to get you off to a great start.  Having twins or triplets?  You might need daily care for 8 to 12 weeks. But most families need something in between. When you hire me, I’ll help you come up with a baseline idea of how much care you’re expecting to need, based on your personal situation.

Do you already have a newborn, and could really use my help? Great! Contact me, and I can try to fit you into my schedule.  We can schedule a home consultation in a way that works for you.

Daytime Care (4 hour minimum):  $30/hour

  • Includes help with newborn care, breast/bottle feeding support, household chores and organization, and meal prep, and allows time for napping/self-care for parent.

Occasional Overnight Care (8 hour minimum):  $35/hour

  • Includes overnight infant care so that parents can get a full night’s rest. (Please note: this service requires that expressed breastmilk or formula be available, unless you’d like me to wake you for feedings.)

Bulk Postpartum Packages are available for families needing more than 72 hours of care. Please contact me for more information.

Birth and Postpartum Packages

My package prices include birth and postpartum doula services, and are a great option for clients who want continuity of care. Occasional overnight postpartum visits are available to package clients at a 10% discount.

Birth and Postpartum Package 1:  Includes full birth services as detailed above and 4 (4 hr) daytime postpartum visits.  $1,330 (save $150!)

Birth and Postpartum Package 2:  Includes full birth services as detailed above and 10 (4 hr) daytime postpartum visits. $2,000 (save $200!)

Birth and Postpartum Package 3:  Includes full birth services as detailed above and 24 (4 hr) daytime postpartum visits. $3,580 (save $300! Perfect for      multiples or high-needs families!)


Worried about the cost?  Doula care could be a great gift for you from friends, family, and colleagues!  Nora in the Nest provides gift certificates and a “registry,” where I can send a tasteful hint to your loved ones!  Click here for more information!

I serve the communities of Fort Collins, Timnath, Windsor, Wellington, Greeley, Loveland, Longmont, Berthoud, LaPorte, and Bellvue.  Travel over 30 minutes may result in additional fees.